DO: Invest time studying and learning how to use a card that shows basic strategy for blackjack. You can have this card at the table for reference, and as such will be able to increase your odds of winning. The house will, of course, always have the edge, with most looking at an expected loss in the range of 50 cents for every $100 wagered.

DON'T: Never get caught up in how the other people at the table are playing. This is particularly true of players that lose due to making a mistake. These types of errors will have no outcome on your wins and losses, because the fact is that no-one knows what order the cards are going to come in, so there is no way to tell of a perceived mistake will have an impact on the total amount of money lost or won.

DO: Try to understand that it is natural for blackjack players to want to share their own unique little strategies. While some may seem tempting, the fact is that you have no idea of how much that person has won or lost using that strategy. Stick with your basic strategy card and leave all the other stuff to the self-proclaimed experts.

DON'T: Never believe the INTERNET experts who tell you to ignore the basic strategy of blackjack. This is a game that is based on numbers, which means that you ignore basic math at your own peril. The casinos use math to create their casino games and probabilities, and you should use it, too.

DO: Always make sure to tip the dealers when you are on a winning streak.

DON'T: Listen to anyone who tells you that pairs of aces or eights should not be split. Listening to that advice could end up costing you money.

DO:  Double down when you have a 10 to the dealers 2 through 9. The same rules apply when you have an 11 to the dealers 2 through 10.

DON'T: Do not rely on a progressive betting system to rack up you winnings. Keep your bets at a manageable level, and avoid progressive systems that usually lead to a player getting greedy and blowing their bank.

DO: Allow other players at the table to play their own game. You may not believe that they are making the right moves, but it's their money that is being wagered, not yours.

DON'T: Never buy insurance against a dealers' ace, as it is a total waste of money. Likewise, skip the even money bet when you have blackjack against an ace. These are all examples of sucker bets that should be avoided.

DO: Sit at a table that has a lot of players already there. You will play fewer hands this way and will be able to make your money last longer. The house edge in blackjack is low, but it can quickly start to add up as the number of decisions you have to make increases.

DON'T: Never use real money to test an online casino, opt instead to always use play money version to do this.

Video How to Play a Soft 17 in Blackjack

Learn some more Blackjack. Something important to know is how to play the soft 17 in blackjack. A soft 17 when the dealer gets a combination of cards (must include an Ace) adding up to 17. It is called soft 17 because the Ace can be valued at 1 or 11. There are several combinations that could lead to a Soft 17 hand. In this free blackjack tutorial by, we explain card players the value of hitting or staying when the dealer gets a soft 17 hand.