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Roulette is a casino game that dates back to the 19th century France, thus it's name: Roulette is a French diminutive for little wheel. In the American version of Roulette is that you play both a single zero (0) and double zero (00) slot on its wheel, the European version only offers only a single zero (0) slot. Remember, on this page, you can play American Roulette for free with and if you keep on reading, you can learn how to play this popular online casino game.

How to Play American Roulette Table Game

The objective of Roulette is simple: Guessing which number will be the next to land on a spin. The Roulette Table consists of a spinning wheel with numbered slots, a small ball and a layout that allows bets to be placed on one or more numbers at a time. If your bet or bets are a "hit", the casino pays a variety of odds based on the amount of numbers covered by your bet.

American Roulette includes a ball, a wheel marked with red and black numbers ranging from 1-36 along, a green zero and a green double zero. The table has boxes marked on it containing numbers and odds to match the wheel. To play, you place your bet or bets on numbers, rows, or corners of the inside of the table layout or on the outside (see inside, outside bets), and click spin. You may select your chip denomination by clicking on the chip/amount of your choice.

Bet Types: Inside Bets

Straight Bet (35 to 1)
Straight Bets cover one number only. Bets are placed directly on top of the desired number.
Split Bet (17 to 1)
A split bet covers two numbers by placing chips on the line between any two adjacent numbers.
Street Bet (Row - 11 to 1)
A Street Bet covers 3 numbers by placing chips at the head of a row.

Bet Types: Outside Bets

Other 3-number bets can also be made at the intersection
with zeros.
Square Bet (8 to 1)
A Square Bet covers 4 numbers by placing chips at the 4-corner intersection of 4 numbers.
5 Number Bet (6 to 1 - actual 6.2 to 1)
The 5-Number Bet can be played on American tables by placing chips at the head of the line between the zeros and 1-3 Street.
Double Street Bet (5 to 1)
A Double Street Bet covers 6 numbers by placing chips at the head of the line between two rows.
House Game Limits
Minimum Bet: $1
Maximum Bet: $200

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Types of Bets / Payouts

American Roulette Table Layout and Bets

Inside Bets
A - Straight Bet (35 to 1)
B - Split Row Bet (17 to 1)
C - Street Bet (11 to 1)
D - Corner Bet: 4 numbers (8 to 1)
E - Double Zero Roulette Bet: 5 numbers (6 to 1)
E* - Bet: 4 numbers (8 to 1)
F - 6 Line Bet: 6 numbers (5 to 1)

Outside Bets
G - Column Bet: 12 numbers (2 to 1)
H - Dozen Bet: (2 to 1)
I - Split Columns Bet: 24 numbers(1 to 2)
J - Even/Odd Bet: Pays Even (1 to 1)
K - Red/Black Bet: Pays Even (1 to 1)
L - 1-18/19-36: Pays Even (1 to 1)