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Let it Ride is among the first of the wave of new casino games, starting in the late nineties. The game is a variation of five-card stud, based on three player cards and two community cards. In this game, like most casino table games, you are not playing against the other players, only the house. The twist is that as the cards are revealed the player has the opportunity to decrease his bet if he doesn't like his cards. Remember, on this page, you can play Let It Ride Poker for free with and if you keep on reading, you can learn how to play this popular online casino game.

How to Play Let It Ride Poker Table

In Let It Ride, you are given two opportunities to withdraw exactly one-third of your initial wager. One chance occurs after you look at your hand but before the first community card is revealed, and the second occurs after the first community card is revealed, but before the second is revealed. You can reduce your wager on either of these occasions, or on both, or neither. If you decide not to withdraw part of your wager, you are said to "let it ride."

If there's a winning hand after the second community card is revealed, what remains of the your wager is paid out based on a payout table given by the casino. There are small variations in payoffs between casinos, but the lowest paying hand in Let It Ride is typically a pair of 10s; a pair of nines or less is a losing hand, which results in the player forfeiting their remaining wager to the house.

Casino Rules
- Player wins if the final hand is at least a pair of Kings
- Jokers are wild
- Video Poker hands are graded based on a pay table
- Cards for each hand are dealt from a single deck
- Cards are shuffled after every hand
- The player may discard up to five cards

House Game Limits
Minimum Bet: $1
Maximum Bet: $25

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